Aalto maintains strong position in prestigious ShanghaiRankings

17. heinäkuu 2018

Two Aalto fields leap forward, with altogether 8 ranking in the top 100 worldwide

Science and art

  • Shanghai_rankings
  • rankings

Dissertation: Co-creation between NGOs and companies is increasing

19. kesäkuu 2018

Non-governmental organizations have a lot to give to companies entering low-income markets. However, co-creation is bounded by unequal power-relations and different goals, shows the doctoral research of Tytti Nahi.

Science and art

  • international_business
  • sustainability
  • dissertation

Amber Geurts won the 2018 ISPIM Innovation Management Dissertation Award

19. kesäkuu 2018

CEST's postdoc Amber Geurts won the 2018 ISPIM Innovation Management Dissertation Award with her dissertation

Honored Science and art

  • cest

Metal music researchers, managers and artists to gather once again at the Aalto University School of Business

18. kesäkuu 2018

The MHM Conference will examine e.g. Latin American and Indonesian metal music culture, Iron Maiden and the live music business.

Science and art

  • MHM
  • metal_music
  • heavy_metal

Many great possibilities exist for Finnish companies in China

18. kesäkuu 2018

Finnish companies are well positioned to expand further into Chinese markets if they use culturally appropriate management practices.

Science and art

  • Chinese
  • startup
  • China

Baltic Sea Region Smart-Up Innovation Camp Palanga-Klaipeda 2018

13. kesäkuu 2018

Solving Grand Societal Challenges for Sustainable Future in BSR.

Science and art

  • societal_challenge

Students developed Finnair’s digital services for young Japanese consumers

13. kesäkuu 2018

The ITP and IDBM programs implemented the Aalto Explorers program in co-operation with Kyushu University.

Studies Cooperation

  • finnair
  • itp
  • IDBM

Professor of Practice Erkki Ormala to evaluate adequacy of state funding for research and innovation

12. kesäkuu 2018

The aim is to produce well-founded proposals for government action to bring investments into innovation by the business world onto a track of growth.

Science and art

  • innovations

Dissertation: Large energy companies have important role in energy system transition

6. kesäkuu 2018

The importance of large energy companies in the deployment of renewable energy has increased, argues Eeva-Lotta Apajalahti in her doctoral dissertation.

Science and art

  • energy_revolution
  • dissertation
  • energy

Students learnt new skills through simulation and games in the BScBA Program

5. kesäkuu 2018

Students could perceive various cause-and effect relationships in the business environment.


Dissertation: Sub-Saharan Africa is the new hotspot for mobile network investments

23. toukokuu 2018

Sub-Saharan Africa is among the hottest playing fields for mobile telecoms firms yet the international investments are not driven by economic factors alone, argues Marcellinus Dike in his doctoral dissertation.

Science and art

  • emerging_markets
  • Africa
  • international_business
  • dissertation

Student Tiina Palmunen selected for this year's CEO for 1 month at Adecco Finland

21. toukokuu 2018

Palmunen was chosen as the winner from over 1000 candidates.

Honored Other

  • adecco
  • summer_job

Clean energy system works in freezing weather

16. toukokuu 2018

Seasonal fluctuation in energy demand can be solved through renewable energy in Finnish conditions.

Science and art

  • SET
  • smart_energy_transition
  • smart_energy

Doctoral dissertation: Finland falling behind in competition for foreign regional headquarters

30. huhtikuu 2018

Regional headquarters have moved to Sweden or closer to mandated markets such as Russia, the Baltics or Poland, according to the doctoral dissertation by Iiris Saittakari.

Science and art

  • dissertation

Fighting the flames – better together

23. huhtikuu 2018

The fundamental questions of sustainable development are integral in our business research as well, says Professor Minna Halme.


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A customer feedback system was developed for Fazer Food Services in a student project

17. huhtikuu 2018

According to the research manager at Fazer, the project is a good starting point for wider cooperation.


  • project
  • student_project

'Driving Disruption – Envisioning the Future of Businesses' chosen as title for student conference

16. huhtikuu 2018

Aalto University School of Business to host CEMS Nordic Forum from 17 to 20 April.

Studies Cooperation

Lux Helsinki to become the most sustainable light art festival in Europe by 2020?

3. huhtikuu 2018

Students developed a measurement system tailored to light art festivals and a collaboration platform.

Studies Cooperation

  • lux_helsinki
  • student_project
  • customized_business_project
  • sustainability

Aalto University ranking improved in the SCM Journal List ranking

22. maaliskuu 2018

Aalto University ranked the 30th best university worldwide in the recent SCM Journal List ranking in operations and supply chain management.

Science and art

  • supply_chain_management
  • operations_management
  • industrial_engineering_and_management

Innovation Camp Aarhus 2018

19. maaliskuu 2018

Aim is to co-create solutions for implementing regional smart specialisation strategies


  • sustainability

Student project brings S Group information on sustainability in online retailing

5. maaliskuu 2018

Students also praised for positive attitude and independent approach to work.

Studies Cooperation

  • student_project
  • corporate_collaboration
  • sustainability

Could teleportation, borrowing and destroying of museum objects take place at the National Museum?

5. maaliskuu 2018

Conventional museum practices were thrown out of the window when students formulated the future of museums.

Studies Cooperation

  • IDBM

Artist in Residence: art with your own body by misbehaving

5. maaliskuu 2018

In the Artist-in-Residence position at Aalto University, the purpose of art is to arouse questions in a cross-disciplinary manner.

Science and art

  • Artist_in_Residence
  • art

Finnair innovates its operations in China based on a student’s research

13. helmikuu 2018

Finnair has started flight ticket sales directly via the social media WeChat.

Studies Cooperation

  • wechat
  • finnair
  • case

Entrepreneurship can improve older workers’ quality of life

6. helmikuu 2018

This may happen even if this change lowers their income and increases the hours they work.

Science and art

  • entrepreneurship
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