Fighting the flames – better together

23. huhtikuu 2018

The fundamental questions of sustainable development are integral in our business research as well, says Professor Minna Halme.


A customer feedback system was developed for Fazer Food Services in a student project

17. huhtikuu 2018

According to the research manager at Fazer, the project is a good starting point for wider cooperation.


'Driving Disruption – Envisioning the Future of Businesses' chosen as title for student conference

16. huhtikuu 2018

Aalto University School of Business to host CEMS Nordic Forum from 17 to 20 April.

Studies Cooperation

Lux Helsinki to become the most sustainable light art festival in Europe by 2020?

3. huhtikuu 2018

Students developed a measurement system tailored to light art festivals and a collaboration platform.

Studies Cooperation

Aalto University ranking improved in the SCM Journal List ranking

22. maaliskuu 2018

Aalto University ranked the 30th best university worldwide in the recent SCM Journal List ranking in operations and supply chain management.

Science and art

Innovation Camp Aarhus 2018

19. maaliskuu 2018

Aim is to co-create solutions for implementing regional smart specialisation strategies


Student project brings S Group information on sustainability in online retailing

5. maaliskuu 2018

Students also praised for positive attitude and independent approach to work.

Studies Cooperation

Could teleportation, borrowing and destroying of museum objects take place at the National Museum?

5. maaliskuu 2018

Conventional museum practices were thrown out of the window when students formulated the future of museums.

Studies Cooperation

Artist in Residence: art with your own body by misbehaving

5. maaliskuu 2018

In the Artist-in-Residence position at Aalto University, the purpose of art is to arouse questions in a cross-disciplinary manner.

Science and art

Finnair innovates its operations in China based on a student’s research

13. helmikuu 2018

Finnair has started flight ticket sales directly via the social media WeChat.

Studies Cooperation

Entrepreneurship can improve older workers’ quality of life

6. helmikuu 2018

This may happen even if this change lowers their income and increases the hours they work.

Science and art

CKIR acts at the heart of numerous platform economy and industrial internet projects

31. tammikuu 2018

The objectives of both business and the academic world support and complete each other.


Finnish entrepreneurs appreciate Silicon Valley’s open atmosphere and acceptance of failure

22. tammikuu 2018

Hopes expressed that Finland will see more genuine desire to help others move forward.

Science and art

Smart Energy Transition research project's exceptional solutions and communication propel it onto a further funding term

17. tammikuu 2018

STN’s new funding instrument offers funding to quality research with a societal impact.

Science and art Cooperation

Aalto International Design Business Management programme to be provided for remote students

16. tammikuu 2018

Aalto wants to extend the popular IDBM programme to students at top international universities.


Who decides whether entrepreneurship is the way to sustainable development?

11. joulukuu 2017

The significance of entrepreneurship as a solution to sustainable development is influenced by ideological, political and social factors.

Science and art

In corporate acquisitions, managers construct an impression of control

8. joulukuu 2017

The early integration phase following a corporate acquisition requires tolerance of uncertainty.

Science and art

Professor Emeritus Reijo Luostarinen in Memoriam

4. joulukuu 2017

Reijo Luostarinen (1939–2017) established International Business as an area of teaching and research at the Helsinki School of Economics.


Nina Granqvist is investigating how the marginal becomes mainstream

7. marraskuu 2017

Hype creates the impetus and expectations of the future needed to drive big changes, as the professor who made the leap from the business world to academia knows.

Science and art

Contemporary forms of work need to be incorporated into official statistics

17. lokakuu 2017

Policy makers and individuals would benefit from statistics that capture new hybrid forms of work.

Science and art Cooperation

Changes in innovation processes call for new policies

11. lokakuu 2017

Industrial Innovation in Transition project provides new ways to understand how companies manage and organize innovation processes in practice.

Science and art

Aalto University Properties Ltd divests Arkadiankatu 24 property

4. lokakuu 2017

Aalto University divests the property, but leases the premises until July 2019.


Developing design learning

25. syyskuu 2017

More collaboration with Art Education in Aalto University and SuoMu, the Finnish Association of Design Learning

Cooperation Studies

Doctoral dissertation: Emotions can function as a compass when making decisions on founding companies and on financing them

14. syyskuu 2017

Emotions inspire people to create something new.

Science and art

The economy grows on ideas and education

14. syyskuu 2017

Most ideas are generated by knowledge intensive service sectors, says Professor Matti Pohjola.


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