The Entrepreneurship unit offers a unique action-oriented learning experience for Master’s students and a high-quality research programme that contributes to scholarly debates and policy development.

Cutting-edge research – but not just for the ivory tower

Our research is pronouncedly multi-disciplinary, applying theories and methods from economics, geography, psychology and sociology to diverse entrepreneurial phenomena.

While it is difficult (if not impossible) to summarise the diversity of our research in just a few words, we can confidently state that our research meets the highest quality standards. Our team has not only published in the top journals in the field (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, International Small Business Journal, Small Business Economics) and adjacent disciplines (Journal of Economic Geography, Regional Studies), but we have also won significant paper awards (Academy of Management, ISBE) and prestigious research funding (Academy of Finland, Tekes).

Some of our research serves the sole purpose of advancing entrepreneurship theory. But much of what we do bears significant policy relevance. For this reason we continue to be active in the policy community, advising policy makers within and beyond the Finnish borders. We have completed consultancy assignments for example for ministries in Finland and Germany as well as the EU and the OECD.

Experience-based learning – a unique feature of the Master’s in Entrepreneurship

A student graduating from the Master’s in Entrepreneurship degree programme will have no difficulties in generating new business ideas and turning them into action – they have experienced the business creation process themselves! Our graduates are pioneering professionals who generate new business ideas for new start-ups and existing organisations, and understand entrepreneurship as a key contributor to economy and society.

The path of scholarly curiosity – a PhD in Entrepreneurship

If you are thinking of doing a PhD, why should you consider entrepreneurship as your ‘home discipline’?

Our answer is simple: we find entrepreneurship incredibly exciting because it offers such a wide variety of topics and it is open to different theoretical and methodological approaches to study those topics.

The main objective of our PhD training in entrepreneurship is to familiarise you with various theoretical perspectives to this diverse research field and provide you with different sets of methodological and practical skills to become a professional entrepreneurship scholar.

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