Research in the Department of Management Studies is focused on advancing knowledge and critical scholarship in the broader field of management and organization studies.

Research activity in the Department of Management Studies is organized around individual scholars and their research groups in the five disciplines of the department. Members of faculty carry out their research in multiple areas, collaborating across disciplinary borders with internationally acknowledged scholars from all over the world. 

The research strategy of the department rests on the discipline's core strength in pluralist and multi-vocal understandings of organizational settings as sites where action are taken and decisions are made in the face of potentially incompatible demands and rationalities. Recognizing that organizations must address demands beyond shareholder value and efficiency, the areas of strength for our faculty include sustainability management, corporate social responsibility, business ethics as well as gender and diversity in organizations. The multiplicity of competing rationalities is also central to ongoing strategy research in our discipline, which has a strong focus on strategy as practice, discourse, cognitions, and institutional complexity. Our research extends from individual-level complexities to innovation processes, related industrial transitions that take place over extended time periods, and to the human resources and development issues, as well as organizational and professional practices and praxis under pluralistic demands and ways of thinking.

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